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This Is Us - This Is Our Africa

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    This Is Us - This Is Our Africa

    This Is Our Africa - This Is Us The story of people and places around the Golden Gate Highlands National Park in the South-eastern Free State South Africa; home to rock art thousands of years old, fossils of various life forms dating back some 200 millions years, a variety of fauna & flora, and petrified sand dune formations that stretch back to the time when Africa was part of the super continent Pangea.

    The area is also rich in Basotho, English and Boer war histories, with time capsules of those events dotted all over the golden valley and around the park. Like the Boer farm house that was spared because the occupants had a portrait of Queen Victoria hanging in the house. Or the oldest known dinosaur eggs and embryos? How about three layers of stone in the petrified dunes, with each layer stretching halfway across the country?

    This is a 90 minute story told by people living in the area, covering generations of emotions and experiences, in an area which quite rightly has been described as Africa’s Jurassic Park. English Language, Subtitled Documentary Film.

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